Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday again already??

Yes, its that time on a monday again, and here i am on the school bus at 7.30am on the commute to work, trying to catch up on my blog posts after such a heavy weekend. I am in serious need of some time management as i would rather be doing this in the comfort of my own home, instead of the odd stares i am getting from the kids on the number 80 bus! lol. For us all, time is so precious and at the moment it is so hard to keep up with myself. Things have been so hectic this weekend, we had a trip to france on saturday and London yesterday and in between these days out we have been swapping bedrooms at home too. Work today is escapism.

I am always the friend that is half an hour late for everything! my phone is always set 3 minutes fast so i always try to get ahead of myself, but its not always easy, especially when you have a child dragging her feet as your trying to get somewhere or she decides to get naked just before you leave the house!

The only place i never seem to be late for is work, in the 3 months i have worked there i always make sure i am in the building at least an hour before my shift - just incase! But it is also nice to be here and have few precious moments to myself before the hectic day starts (lets face it, everyday is hectic in my life.

Well i hope everyone has a good week and hopefully by friday i will catch up with myself HeHe.

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