Sunday, 2 February 2014

Our babies going to school face tests in reception class!

I think that the more the government we have now are pushing their luck with the new plans they have for our reception children and the fact that they want to introduce tests to the 4 year olds when they start school. The compulsory tests, designed to measure each child's level of development at the start of their formal schooling, will come into force by 2016 under the new proposals. It comes after a Department for Education (DfE) consultation last year which proposed a "baseline assessment" in primary schools in order to measure how children have progressed by age 11.

The tests are expected to measure the childs basic literacy, reasoning and cognition skills instead of testing them in a traditional test on their knowledge.

Surely this is going to cause undue stress and worry for both parents and child? Tilly is 3 years old and i am still struggling to try and get her to learn to spell her name, she has no interest in writing or even holding a pen properley, under pressure she wil write the first 3 letters of her name but i feel quite panicked that  she has only a few monthsto learn to spell her name and recognise letters.

Also They seem to forget that children dont legally have to be in school untill they are 5 yers old, so what about the parents that choose not to send their children untill then? Does it mean that they miss out on these 'tests'? are the children penalised because of the missing them?

When the older children were in primary school i was called into the headmasters office as i had chosen to book a holiday in the term time and little did i realise it was also the time of SATS tests and i was told to cancel the holiday, i didnt as i dont believe in the children having stress added to their school life. I feel there are too many tests put upon the children when they are so young and why is this? is it because it benefits the government? is it because it benefits the school and their figures? Or is it because the government have our childrens best interests at heart? The government are expected to release more details of the reception class test soon.

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