Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Rain cloud experiment with shaving foam

The little ones love to experiment with things and Tilly is so full of questions bout things and hoe they work. she is so full of 'Why? Why and Why?' so we decided that we would get her and her friends together to do a little experiment with how rain works and how it comes through the clouds.

The saving cream represents the cloud and the food colouring represents the rain. As the water droplets inside a cloud continue to grow, they eventually become heavy enough to fall to earth. The same thing is happening in this experiment. The shaving cream becomes so saturated, the blue food colouring
eventually pushes through into the cold water. The molecules in the cold water are moving slowly, therefore it takes longer for the blue food colouring to spread throughout the water. This make the food colouring look like streams as it pushes into the water.

Firstly we got some glasses and we put some cold water in them then gave Tilly and her friends a can of shaving foam to pop onto the top of the water. We used sainsbury budget brand so it was only about 40p, making this a cheap fun experiment

We then added food colour to the top of the shaving foam and waited for it to fall through the cloud, this was a little bit too long for the inpatient pre-schoolers

Eventually the food colouring worked its way through the foam and started to go into the water, creating 'coloured rain'

This isnt even a messy experiment to do and we had quite a bit of fun doing it, it also explained to Tilly and her friends who were aged between 4 and 9 years old. 

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