Thursday, 13 February 2014

The concept of money in the eyes of a 3 year old

Tilly did as all babies do when they are little and she never understood that you had to pay for items in the shops - instead choosing to walk out with them in her hand!

It spurred me on to teach her at a very young age that she has to have pennies to pay for her shopping. Since then we never had a shoplifting problem. as i work in retail the whole idea of her innocently taking things from shops horrified me as i didnt want people to think i was using her to do it.

As we are going to Disneyland in less than 3 weeks and we started a money box for tilly to give her some spending money. Everytime anyone gave her money she would pop it into her money box and watched as her money box got heavier over the weeks. To help speed things up we popped in some 'paper monies' (£10 notes).

Today we opened her money box up and we found over £130 in there, ready to change up to euro's for her Disney Trip and then went to change it to euro's. She got 155 euros for her money, and i am going to limit her to a certain amount a day, so if she needs to buy something, she will have to see if she has enough money. if she cant afford it, then she will have to save her money untill she has the next days money too.

In her savings she even had a few 'coppers' left and insisted on giving everyone that she saw a coin, whether it was a penny or a two pence. Her innocence is so sweet at times :)

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