Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Dangers of gossip

Recently i was caught up in a lie after someone decided they would contact Social Services and say that there were concerns about Tilly! They wrote me a letter to say that they had contacted my Health visitor and that there were no concerns absolutely about my daughter!

The fact that someone had taken the time to phone these people up and make accusations about me, has shocked me slightly. Along with the fact that my life is obviously so interesting to other people.

The letter contained details that were so incorrect about my family and they claimed that Beth had Bipolar, when in fact i am the person with Bipolar. So i have concluded that it is a person who has too much on their time, and nothing to do with it. I believe they have heard snippets of conversations and put 2 + 2 together and come up with 8. I live in a small town where people do like nothing better than a good gossip and the more scandalous the gossip is, the better they enjoy it.

Luckily i have an amazing network of close friends and family, along with Tillys school. All of these people are shocked at what has happened, but i know that there are no concerns for my little girl. Had it been 3 years ago in the depths of my PND, then i could of understood a referral being made or a phone call or two to social services as i really wasnt coping,but now i say bring it on and if the person who made the anonymous phone call actually had the guts to own up to making the phone call then i would like to get them in a room to spend an afternoon with Tilly, then i would ask them what concerns they had to feel the need to call Social Services.

I am lucky, I spoke to Social Services who have now logged it as a malicious call and are happy not to take the complaint further but there are other families that aren't so lucky and gossiping does lead to trouble. there have been families that have had reports to  Social Services and due to cases like 'Baby P', Social Services are trying not to make the same mistakes by following up on complaints. So i fully understand why they felt the need to follow up on this complaint. I am also thankful that they have let me know because now over the past few days, i have become more aware of people and the trouble that is caused by gossip. If your going to make a serious complaint about someone, then you firstly need to get the facts right, you then need to speak to the family involved and if you think they need help, then why not offer it? but please don't go straight in and put peoples families at risk. This has made my family stronger and made me realise how supportive my network of friends and family are, so to the person who made the complaint i have only one sentence to say - you may have had an intention of destroying my family, but it had the opposite effect, you may have thought you were helping Tilly by making a complaint ...... your seriously weren't, next time you do this to someone please stop and think about it first!

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