Thursday, 27 February 2014

Tillys Adventure on her trip to London

Every time we go to London we visit the London Eye or the London Dungeons, to get the use out of our Merlin Passes. When we went to London on sunday we decided to do something completely different with her and although it started as a joke about the different types of transport we could go on, Tilly wanted to turn it into  game. So we started the day with a South eastern train to Dover, where we had to change and go on a bus replacement to Ashford. Once at Ashford we got back on the train and could enjoy the journey to London. On bus replacement days it is such a slow journey, thank god we bought her innotab!

We got to London and needed to get to a Professional Beauty Show and Baby Show at the Excel, so we got on the tube and then had to change to the DLR. these trains amaze Tilly as they have no drivers and she can sit in the front and drive.

Then we decided to take our first trip on the Emirates Air-line cable car over London. For 2 years i have wanted to do it, but Kimmy is scared of Cable cars and today i said i would go on it with tilly and she could stay on the tube and i would meet her back at London Bridge, Kimmy surprised me by saying she would come on it too :)

Whenn we got off, Tilly wanted to go around again but we were pushed for time, so sadly we had to let her down but it would make a lovely experience for any child in the summer. i would recommend it to you all

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