Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tillys First Ferry Trip

Today we decided to take Tilly on her first trip to France on the ferry. We went with friends in their car and the plan was to take the ferry to Calais then take a drive to Citie Europe - only it didn't quite work out !

We got to the port, used our brand spanking new passports and got on the ferry. My friend got us on the ferry with her, as her ex partner works on the ferry and We were waiting in the queue to be loaded on..... we waited and waited and waited. Just as we were waved on to the ferry, we had screams of excitement coming from the kids in the back and my friends car just died! we had waited for so long and the battery had died :( Luckily they bought a 'tug' transport over to jump start us and then on the ferry we went. According to Tilly, the sea looked very watery! lol When travelling to to somewhere like France make sure that you have appropriate tyres on your car. Try  Tyre-Shopper or for advice and to buy new tyres
Waiting patiently to get on the ferry, the car was parked up, that's why she isn't wearing a seat belt

The tug to help us!

Tilly was so so excited and she wanted to do everything at once, go shopping, look out of the window, Eat dinner, watch a movie all whilst running around........ she was exhausting lol

Eventually after having some lunch we went and got some shopping, then we went to the bar and watched a movie with the kids. It was a nice relaxed crossing once we had the kids sitting down and watching the film.

Before we knew it, we had reached Calais. We forgot what deck we were parked on and had to ask someone where we might of parked! Eventually we got back to the car and Gee tried the engine - it started, so we piled the kids in, got in ourselves and Then the poxy thing wouldn't start, so out we all got and went back upstairs to enjoy a return journey.
As close to Calais as we got! 

We Took Tilly up on the deck so she could see France, even if she didn't get to put her feet in France, but a good day was had by all.

On arrival back at Dover, we tried to start the car again, but to no avail and we had to wait for a tug again. As we waited the lorries and cars started loading on again, this panicked us a bit as we thought we would have to go to France again! The tug arrived it was the same lovely man as before. as he was driving up, he laughed at us and within 2 minutes again he had the engine started. We had to dodge the lorries and cars as we tried to drive off!

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