Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tillys first trip to France Attempt number 2!

This morning as it was a beautiful day we decided that we would try and take Tilly to France again. So we piled all the kids in the car, Drove down to the docks and boarded the Pride of Kent again. This time all went to plan and just over and hour later we landed in France.

We took a drive into the country to a little town called Guinnes, it was lovely to see all the little french houses and shops before going to City Europe where Tilly and her Friend discovered a Disney store.

We had a drive into calais and got slightly lost! one minute we were driving around the populated town and t
he next we seemed to be in the middle of a big council estate, with rubbish and run down houses everywhere. Luckily we found a sign back to the town centre and once back in the town, found a sign for the beach. We parked up and the kids all had a runabout on the beautiful sandy beach front.

We Watched the ferries come in from the beach and had A quick play before going back on the ferry and home time,

A good day was had by all and Tilly was so pleased she got to go to France, she enjoyed saying Bonjour to everyone and even tried a few other french words. we got home finally at 10pm and climbed straight into bed :)

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