Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tillys Travels

Before Matilda came along we were great travellers in our family. I was an army kid so i grew up abroad and i wanted to give my kids the chance to see places abroad But i chose to take them to places that others didnt really go to. It started when they were younger and we lived in a small village in hampshire and i would take all three of them on the train to Edinburgh or Berwick Upon Tweed, It never felt like a proper holiday unles we were as far away from home as i could get on my limited funds. Then we had an incident in our life that changed our concept of holidays and it meant that we could go on our first holiday abroad. We chose Disneyland Paris so when Kimmy was 7, Zach was 5 and Beth was 4 we went on our first big adventure. After that there was no stopping us and our holidays got bigger and better along the way. Now as our Holiday to Disneyland is approachng with Tilly, i find myself thinking about taking Tilly on such big and wonderful adventures. So as we have just purchased new passports it gives us 10 years in which to travel and make more dreams come true. So my 10 year goal is to travel and let Tilly learn by physically being in places rather than reading about them in books - afterall what is a better way to learn.

Zach in Edinburgh 2002

Backpacking in London 2006

New York 2007

Lapland 2008

Just a few of the holidays we have taken over the years :) we already have oslo to look forward to this summer too. so please keep an eye out for Tillys adventures 

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