Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tips For Taking a Pre-schooler To Disneyland

So it is just over 2 weeks until we set off for Disneyland Paris. This will be our first trip abroad with Matilda and we are so looking forward to going, at the weekend i had a good look at the Disneyland Website to make sure that I plan my holiday with military precision. I want us to squeeze in as much as we can without it seeming too busy.

So as i was looking for some tips, i thought i would share them on my blog. After all i am sure a few of you are probably contemplating the same thing with your pre-school child.

  • Go off season so that the queues for rides are slightly shorter because there is nothing worse than waiting in line with a toddler who has no concept of time and they get annoyed because they want to be on the ride NOW.
  • Take a buggy/stroller even if your child is nearly out of the buggy. Disneyland is a busy place and they will walk miles in a day. Having the buggy means they can rest their weary feet for a while. If you park your buggy in a buggy park or near a ride, make sure you add a scarf or something colourful to make your buggy stick out for you and make it easy to find.
  • Carry baby wipes, disinfectant wipes or disinfectant hand sanitizer, this will help to keep you and your child clean
  • Take sunscreen with you but also a raincoat. weather this year is so unpredictable
  • Take spare batteries for your camera, the last thing you want to be doing is spending your souvenir money on expensive items like batteries.
  • Eat just before lunch or just after, these times are less busier in the on-site restaurants and if your there for a few days try different cuisine on different days. 
  • Take your own snacks and drinks, after all it may save you some money once your in the park and kiddies always want a drink.
  • Dont feel rushed to do everything in one go, take your time and soak it all in, enjoy it as you go along and make sure your child is having fun too.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! there is alot of walking
  • Always get a map at the gate and use it as your going on, cross off the rides you go on and hopefully you wont miss any. If your there for more than one day, then spend time in the evening planning where you want to go the next day and make a route to follow.
  • Familiarise your child with the characters before you go, and don't force them to have character photos if they don't want them done.
  • Make sure you use the FastPass system as it saves queuing.
  • Try and book in times of extra park opening hours for hotel guests, it mean its a better time to go on the big, fast rides.
  • Make yourself aware of the baby swap system, where one parent has a go on a big ride and the other waits with the child, then you swap without having to queue again.

We are taking these tips with us, to hopefully make it a bit stress free for us :)

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