Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Welcome to my new readers

My blog seems to have grown so much over the last few months and i have so many more viewers and followers. My blog is coming up to its first blogiversary that i thought maybe a proper introduction would be needed. 

My Name is Vicky and i had Tilly at 37, She was my 4th child and i already had Kimmy (now 21) Zach (20 in two weeks) and Beth (now 18).

Tilly and her brother
All girls together :)

Tillys Arrival hit me quite hard and i suffered greatly from severe PND, then when she was 2 years and a month old (i remember the exact day) i woke up and felt ready to fight and this black cloud had lifted. Then came the time to put my life back together again and as part of that came my blog. Although i had started a blog when i was ill, i only ever posted 5 posts and i couldn't keep up the writing, when it was destroying me so much. But when i started this blog i realised i could use it as an outlet for my proud mummy moments. happy days, my sad days and my angry days :) 

Somebody asked me the other day why i have a blog and i said its my diary, just not a secret diary. Yes sometime i forget that it is open for millions of people to read if they wish to, but then why should i hide who i am - who we are as a family. 

We are a close family and having Tilly makes our serious life turn into a comedy, sometime i can even describe my life as a comedy of errors lol. Tilly is the most cutest little girl a person could want. She is funny, loving, sarcastic and will-full. She is such a girly girl, yet if you give her Dr Who toys to play with she will. She loves splashing in puddles even though she might only be wearing her flimsy summer shoes. Our life is disorganised, and we are so forgetful sometimes when it comes to making arrangements (sigh). But we wouldn't have it any other way.

I am a working mummy, only part time, but its out of town and it takes me away from Tilly, making it harder for me as i want to be there all the time with her, yet at the same time want to work and be an independent person - not just be Tillys mummy. I do have separation issues and i will be the first to admit i do - lets face it, my oldest two children still live at home lol. Although Zach is soon off to start a new job in Norway for the summer!

We love going on adventures, we are often found at Chessington, The london eye and The london Dungeons (yes my three year old likes the Dungeons!) We are off to Disneyland Paris in 2 weeks and hopefully it will be the start of many trips abroad as i want to show Tilly the world. There is no better education than to be in a place and learn about it - its how the older children grew up. 

So welcome to our little world that i have created, and welcome to my spider hugging, puddle splashing little girl that we all love to bits. I hope you all become regular readers of the blog and enjoy what i write, as much as i enjoy writing it. 

Vicky xx

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