Saturday, 22 March 2014

10 things I just cannot handle!

  • Spaghetti shapes - i can give them to the kids, i just cant eat it myself! there is something not right about spaghetti that is in a can and comes in different shapes - its just not right, spaghetti comes in a packet and you eat it with bolognaise sauce
  • Oompa loompa teenagers - the girls that think they look cool when they plaster themselves in foundation and they actually look orange, and you can see the foundation line where they havent even tried to blend it in
  • Crinkle cut chips - just what is the use of them, they are just not right! i tell you my worst meal would be crinkle cut chips and spaghetti hoops!
  • The 101/102 Bus - its always full of wierdos, they drink special brew at 9am and talk about their conspiracy theories. Then there are the chavs with the unruly children, we will say no more
  • Lack of Manners - its simple people, please say please and thankyou!
  • Gossip - why do people feel the need to make things up about you and pass it on, twisting the story every time. But it just proves that they are bored with their own life
  • Dora the Explorer - what on earth is she? some American/ Spanish cartoon with the most annoying accent, although Tilly watches so much of it that she is picking up spanish words
  • Rude customers - when will people learn that if you have a problem with an item from a shop, please be nice to the sales assistant when you return it, otherwise if you go back and are bolshy and rude, then you will not get any help at all. If your nice, you will get further.
  • photo shopped pictures - why have a picture photo shopped to take away, blemishes, marks, make yourself slimmer etc when you should have your photos just as they are.
  • Pouting - there is nothing attractive about pouting, some people suck their cheeks in too far and look rediculous and as for looking like a fish? well its your photos, so its your choice. Some people can pull it off, but others really cant!
  • Early mornings - i just cannot handle them, some of us are not morning people lol
What are the 10 things you just cannot handle?

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