Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A good night sleep ??

Well when Premier Inn invented their good night sleep policy, they had never slept in a bed with a three year old. Although we shared a double bed i fell asleep at 8pm (even before Tilda) and woke up at 230am. In that time i had almost fallen out of bed twice and had to push her back onto her side of the bed a further 3 times! I went to bed with a child that somehow morphed into a starfish in the night.

I was quite happy and i sat up using my free 1/2 hour internet that Premier Inn offer, thinking i would doze off after a little bit of Facebook - only it didn't work, so i came up with the plan to use Kimmys tablet and had her free half hour (figuring that she wouldn't have time to use it in the morning), then after using all of the internet enabled devices in our room i decided i was bored and closed my eye to try to sleep. all was well untill i woke up another hour later after nearly falling out of bed again, i swear there is no worse feeling than the feeling of falling in your sleep and you wake up to find your self grabbing on to what ever you can!!

So i thought enough was enough and this is why at 5.37 AM I find myself sat in the 24 hours Macdonalds watching the world go by as i hook onto their free WIFI. Although even that wasn't an easy job, or maybe it just seemed harder due to the lack of sleep. I had sneaked out the room with just my laptop, crept over to the Macdonalds about a 100 ft walk, in the dark and boy was it frosty. i ordered a cup of tea and sat down in front of my Laptop, tried to connect to the internet and found i needed my phone to verify a flipping code. So off i went on my way back to the hotel, across the frosty slippery car park, got to the hotel to find i couldnt get in the main door. Then looking again I realised how i had to swipe my card (I am actually sitting here shaking my head at my stupidness), i got to my room and searched in the dark for my phone with no avail. So i switched the light on causing the sleeping starfish to stir, a huff came from Kims direction and i found the phone under the sleeping child. I retrieved it successfully, without waking the child - something that i am proud off :) Took the frosty stroll back to Macdonalds and here i am now, with unbrushed hair and tea in hand, writing this blog post.

I Think its going to be a long long day today!!

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