Monday, 24 March 2014

Any more bad news?

Oh My Days! What a traumatic, stressful, emotional weekend in the household of Tillys mummy.

I had to take Tilly to the Doctors on saturday morning as we have noticed over the past month that she has increased her fluid intake alot, as well as complaining of stomach ache, pains in her legs (i put this down to growing pains) and being sick (i put this down to her doing it for attention, as she is sick alot with her asthma) and she has a rash similar to nappy rash, but she only wears a nappy at night. So i went to the doctors who asked if her eating has increased to, so i said yes. When we pack her lunch for school she has enough to feed two children and quite often eats it all except one snack that she eats after school. She was interested in the fact that tilly is still wetting alot at night too - i was worried she would just think i was a lazy parent!

The Doctor spoke to the on-call paediatrician at the local hospital to see if she needed to be seen as an emergency, but they both decided we have to book for bloods. So off i got sent with Thrush cream, for her nappy rash that is infact thrush (another diabetes symptom) and an anesthetic cream for her arm and hand to numb them ready for the blood to be taken.

I left there feeling worried about Tillys future and hoping with all my heart that she hasnt got this life long illness. Then my phone rings and Zach phones to say he has lost his passport on a drunken night out, the night before. He was due to fly to Norway in a week to start a new job as a groundsman for a golf club out there.

In those few minutes i had to worry about the future of two of my children and i will admit i actually found it hard to cope with on saturday morning. It felt like my world was coming crashing down and i couldnt cope.

There was lots of shouting and arguements on saturday and looking at options for zach to change the date of his flight, phoning up the passport office, the police, and endless calls to local pubs, taxi companies, shops .... infact anywhere that his passport could possibly be!

by saturday night after ripping the house apart incase he had lost it at home, i had calmed down considerably and i thought that he isnt the only person to be a tit and get so drunk that he didnt remember anything - we have all been there! so we were still in limbo as to whether he would still have a job in Norway.

Sunday afternoon i was napping on the sofa and there was a knock on the door, i opened it and a lady asked if zach was in. I asked her 'do you have his passport?' she said 'yes' .... i could of flipping kissed her! she had found it behind a bench near the library in town. Gone to a local pub to hand it in, they looked for Zach on the electoral roll on a member of staffs phone, and got his address, the lady then dropped it off.

I am so thankful for someone for doing this for a complete stranger, there are some good people out there and Zach would personally love to thank the person who found his passport, but i didnt think to take her name. So if your reading this post, I would like you to know how you saved a young mans future and how grateful he is to you.

Now to Sort out little madam! hopefully the bloods will come back normal and that will be one less worry for us all

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