Monday, 17 March 2014

Blog Writers Block? 50 subjects to blog about

Even the best bloggers get writers block, we all run out of subjects to write about, so here are a few ideas for posts and blog subjects. Happy reading :)

1. That thing that happened in your teenage years that pretty much changed your life forever
2. The worst movie you ever watched, and what made it so bad?
3. Your favourite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world. Sometimes there’s an art to making the best marmite on  toast you could ever eat
4. The day you left home, was it a good day or bad?
5. That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it {or perhaps you didn’t and that would make an even better blog post! Cringe}
6. The hardest thing you’ve ever been through, dont be afraid to be honest, you never know if someone else is going through the same thing
7. 9 things you just can’t handle {gross things like ugly toes, teenagers looking like oompa loompas etc}
8. Your day in photos {take a photo every hour from wake to sleep}
9. Your most excruciatingly embarrassing moment. We’ve all got one, share with others
10. A letter to your 16 year old self. What advice would you give?
11. Your celebrity dinner party. Who would you invite?
12. A how-to post on something you know nothing about, it may help someone out
13. Your first love/kiss, and don’t skip the awkward details
14. The day you started blogging. What were you thinking?
15. The most difficult decision you’ve ever made. Write from the heart and be honest
16. 7 things you learned from being a child or the 7 things you learned from having a child
17. A letter to your mum/grandma/child
18. An anti-bucket list: the things you hope to never do before you die
19. The last thing that made you cry, what was it?
20. Your earliest childhood memory, see how far back you can go
21. That thing that really gets your goat {Is it the way people drive? That sniffing noise your partner makes?}
22. The worst Christmas/Birthday you ever had {make it funny!}
23. What your Facebook status might be in 2020
24. What you’re addicted to, and why
25. Write your obituary
26. Write a how-to post on something you actually know a lot about, as obscure as it might be
27. Write a FAQ {frequently asked questions} post. This could be questions you get asked about your blog, or questions you get asked by your kids over and over again. Think outside the box.
28. That time that you met a complete stranger, did it change your life?
29. Fashion: Your top 5 favourite bags/dresses/looks/hair-dos/shoes right now, add pictures of your own hairdo's etc
30. What you’ve learned about life so far, what have you still got to learn?
31. Brain dump. What’s on your mind right now
32. Something you lost
33. Bad habits. Share yours and why you won’t give it up. Ever.
34. Who people think you are, compared to who you really are
35. If you only had one day to live, how you’d spend it? who would you spend it with?
36. A thank you note to a ‘thing’, like coffee, or trashy TV, a cash machine etc
37. A guide to the town you live in, where to eat, where to shop, tourist attractions
38. What you want to be when you grow up {yes, there’s still time}
39. Something you found, what was it?
40. The menu for your last meal ever, you can eat whatever you want
41. A response to a popular blog post written by someone else – an opinion piece where you put your grumpy knickers on
42. Write a review: on anything… a new food, a book you just read, an App, get companies to send you freebies in return for a blog mention
43. Find your most popular blog post and then write a second series of it, or an update on it
44. Do a DIY. A step-by-step guide on how to make something or how to fix something
45. Set a goal, and a plan on how to get there
46. Create a post asking for advice on something that’s troubling you. People love to offer wisdom and advice
47. Share the favourite room in your home, and why you love it
48. Top 5: Share a post with the top 5 blogs you just can’t get enough of use this as a linky blog post
49. Share a secret you’ve never told anyone. Until now
50. Write a list post on things for people to blog about. Pretty much like this one just here.

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