Saturday, 29 March 2014

Decorating Cupcakes With Hand Made Roses

As part of the blogging event i attended today put on by the lovely people at i learnt how to make Sugar paste roses to decorate the tops of Cupcakes (click the link to see the recipe and tips). They are so easy to do that even you lot can do them too :)

  • Take your icing and roll it in your hands making it soft and pliable. If your hands get too hot, be careful as the icing will get sticky if you roll too much.
  • Divide the icing into 5 balls, they don't have to be the same size (infact its better if they are not). Then put the balls in order of small to large.
  • Take the smallest ball and flatten it to make an oval shape. You do this by pressing it into your hand or onto a clean surface. Then roll it to make a small roll shape, like a sausage. This is the inside of the rose. Put it to one side for the moment, we will need it in a second.

  • Repeat the previous step with the next size ball, and wrap it around the first 'roll' you have made. Wrap the second piece of icing so it is slightly higher than the first piece and also make sure you cover the seam of the first roll. Once the second piece of icing is done, pinch the tip to give it the crinkled look on the rose petal. Carry on doing this with the other balls of icing, one at a time, making sure you take it higher each time. When you have done all 5 of the rose petals, it should look something like the picture below. make sure you cover the seam each time

  • Put the rose between you finger and your thumb, keep twirling it untill the bottom of the rose stem falls away from the flower head, this is now ready to sit on your cupcake. Put it to one side as you will need it in a while
  • Get your cupcake and your buttercream icing, And ice your cake in a rose pattern. To do this you will need to take your piping bag and start in the middle of the cup cake, then slowly work round the cake untill you finish on the outside of the cake. The icing itself will look like a rose. Sprinkle some edible glitter and other toppings, then add your rose to where you want it placed.

This demonstration was bought to me by they cater for hen parties, private events, team building and offer baking masterclasses, cocktails and cupcakes, chocolate making workshops.
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