Saturday, 8 March 2014

Different Ways To Say I Love You

We are a very close family and we always tell eachother that we love each other, whether its at the end of a phone call or as we leave the house. Tilly is always calling out in random places that she loves me and the other day she did it in the local shop, meaning all the customers burst into laughter, she did want sweets at the time, Tilly has her own little way of saying she loves me. She says ' i love you to Galifray' but then it got me thinking that there are so many ways to show affection to each other and why not  surprise your husband/partner by saying i love you in a different way. Dont forget ladies, 'Steak and BJ' day is coming up on the 14th March
  • You take my breath away 
  • With you, forever won’t be too long.
  • When I see you, I think “Good job, God!
  • Nothing without you.
  • I’m passionate about you.
  • I’m thankful for you.
  • I’m yours.
  • Me and you. Always.
  • My love is unconditional
  • Our love is invaluable.
  • You fill my heart
  • You make my heart skip a beat
  • You rock my world!
  • You’re a dream come true!
  • You’re my angel
  • You’re my diamond in the rough
  • You’re the one I’ve always wished for
  • I value you
  • I worship you
  • I need you by my side
  • Your mine
  • I lush you
  • I heart you

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