Monday, 31 March 2014


Back in December, we went to the cinema to go and see Frozen, As soon as we came out of the cinema Tilly asked us if we could go and buy it from the DVD shop. I had to explain that it would be a long time untill we could get it on DVD......... but today the day arrived and i popped into Asda to pick up a copy of the DVD for an amazing price of£10. and we have watched it tonight With Kimmy.

It is Tillys favourite film by far and it was the most exciting thing she liked on the disneyland paris float. Queen Elsa even waved to her :)

It is so nice to have a Disney film with a female heroine and an assertive one at that too, but now i have the girls arguing over which is their favourite frozen song - you wouldnt think kimmy is 21!

Kims favourite song

 and Tillys favourite song


I must admit i am with Tilly on this one!

I hope all of you that buy the Dvd enjoy it as much as we do

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