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House of Secrets Book Review

I am Kimmy and i am writing the blog today with my first book review for Being Tillys Mummy. I was kindly sent this book by the kind people of Harper Collins and asked to read it for an honest review.

The Book

HOUSE OF SECRETS  follows three siblings  as they embark on an epic journey to retrieve a dark book of untold power after the family is forced to move to a mysterious new house in San Francisco. The first story in an epic fantasy adventure trilogy!

Brendan aged 12, Eleanor aged 8, and Cordelia aged 15,  once had everything a child could ever want, two loving parents, a beautiful house in San Francisco, and everything they could ever want. But everything changed when Dr. Walker lost his job in the wake of a mysterious incident (he fell asleep at work and woke up finding himself carving into a patient). Now the family must move to an old Victorian house that used to be the home of occult novelist Denver Kristoff —a house that feels simultaneously creepy and too good to be true. But it was cheap and affordable..... Almost too cheap!  A visit from their evil neighbor, Denver’ Kristoff’s daughter, transports the house and the children in it to a world inhabited by medieval savages patrolling the forests, ghostly pirates sailing the seas, and an evil queen who rules the land. The key to getting home may lie in their connection to a secret Kristoff legacy. But as they unravel that legacy, they’ll discover that it’s not just their family that’s in danger . . . it’s the entire world.

About the Authors

For over twenty-five years, Chris Columbus has written, directed and produced some of the most successful box-office hits, which have established him as a major force in contemporary Hollywood film-making. As a writer, he launched his career with the legendary films Gremlins and The Goonies. Columbus directed and produced the first two films in the blockbuster Harry Potter series and produced the third. More recently, Columbus has directed features such as the hit film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. As a director, Columbus has been at the helm of such films as Home Alone and Mrs. Doubtfire.

Ned Vizzini (1981-2013) began writing for the New York Press at the age of fifteen. At seventeen, he was asked to write a piece for the New York Times Magazine, and at nineteen, he published Teen Angst? Naaah…, his autobiography of his years at Stuyvesant High School. His debut teen novel, Be More Chill, was selected for the Today Show Book Club by Judy Blume. It's Kind of a Funny Story, a cult classic, was adapted into a 2010 film starring Zach Galifianakis and named one of the 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels by National Public Radio. The Other Normals, his third novel, was a Junior Library Guild selection. He was the co-author, with Chris Columbus, of the New York Times bestselling fantasy-adventure series House of Secrets. He wrote for the New Yorker and Salon. He also wrote for television, including MTV's hit show Teen Wolf. His work has been translated into twenty-five languages.

What did i think of the book?

When i was asked to read this book i didn't know what to expect, i grew up reading books such as the Harry Potter series, so i love fantasy books. I found the book to be intriguing, exciting. the chapters were quite short, but there was always a cliff hanger at the end of each chapter, so it made you want to read on and on ......

The book was quite unpredictable and there was always a new twist around the corner, but the story was still very easy to follow. 

The perfect book for a pre-teen, its easy to read, but not too simplistic. it is aimed at children aged 8 -12 but i would say that older children will enjoy it too. I am 21 and was really drawn into the story.

The book is a slightly scarier version of The Wizard of Oz, as the family find their home transported to another world and they have to find their way home.

I would definitely recommend this book for children to read, it will bring out their imaginative side and they too will feel like they are part of the story.

The second book called House of Secrets, Battle of the Beasts has just been released and can be bought from Amazon

Where can we buy this book?

The book can  be bought from Amazon for the cost of £6.00 at the moment instead of £12.99.

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