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im·ag·i·na·tion [ih-maj-uh-ney-shuhn]
1. the faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present tothe senses.
2. the action or process of forming such images or concepts.
3. the faculty of producing ideal creations consistent with reality, as in literature, as distinct from thepower of creating illustrative or decorative imagery. Compare fancy ( def 2 ) .
4. the product of imagining; a conception or mental creation, often a baseless or fanciful one.
5. ability to face and resolve difficulties; resourcefulness: a job that requires imagination

Tilly is 4 years old now and she has the most amazing imagination i have ever seen in a child. Let me introduce you to Peter, he has been Tillys friend for a couple of years and they play together, he comes on adventures with us and i have to often make dinner for him, But Peter can also be very naughty and he gets Tilly into trouble when he does things and Tilly gets told off for it. Peter even came to London one day with us as we were on our way to stay with my Aunty, but as soon as we got to Waterloo East, tilly saw a train going in the opposite direction and told me peter wanted to go home, so we had to cross the platform and open the train door, put peter on the train and wave him off! can you imagine how much of an idiot i actually looked doing that because yes, peter isnt really there! But to Tilly he is. 

I think peter came about because there is such a big age gap between my older children and Tilly that she made him up as someone to talk to and play with when the others are too busy to play. He is harmless and we embrace Peter, he is part of or family now and lets face it, Tilly will grow up all too soon.

Tilly loves to dress up and pretend that she is a princess for a day, infact if she is dressed as a princess for nursery she will anounce herself as that princess before she enters the room and you have to call her the princess name all day. She actually thinks she is a princess. She has two hanging rails of dressing up clothes and she wears them clothes all the time, whilst her normal clothes are in the wardrobe gathering dust.

Tilly imagination has got a few people into trouble in the past, and could so easily get some people into some real trouble as she is so convincing when she makes things up. One day she told me that my friend had locked her in the car all afternoon instead of dropping her to school, and she had to eat an apple and that was it. Of course i knew she had been at school because i had collected her in the afternoon. One time she came home from nursery after the after-school club and told me that she had been left alone as everyone had gone home and she had to cook eggy on toast for herself! once again, of course i knew it was her imagination, but it would be so easy to get them into trouble with her tall tales. 

Of course having a good imagination has its downfalls - he dreams and nightmares are so vivid and real to her that quite often she wakes up because she has had a bad dream and it seems so real to her, she can tell me every detail of her dreams if i ask. But i'm hoping these dreams will settle down a bit soon, when she learns to control her imagination a bit better. 

But for now i am happy for Tilly to be Rapunzel, sleeping beauty, tinkerbelle or whoever she wants to be with Peter, and if it helps her to play then so be it. I love my little girl and i love her imagination

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