Friday, 21 March 2014

Introducing Tilly to Gardening :)

When Beth was about 2 or 3 years old she used to love to do gardening and she had her own little vegetable patch in the garden we had in a little village we lived in, in Hampshire. Sadly we then moved to the sea side and although i have a fab view and am walking distance to the beach, its rubbish soil for growing things in.

Anyway lets go back 15 years to the garden in the village house!

Beth was an imaganative child and very hyper, she was tested for ADHD as a child but they told be she just had an imbalance in her brain that meant her brain was working faster than her body could keep up with. Boy was she hard work, it makes bringing Tilly up a walk in the park lol. By the time she was 2 she could talk french as we were told to keep teaching her things to keep her brain busy. This is where gardening came in to her life.

I took her to a little garden shop and she chose some runner beans, she grew them and then asked me about
the giant at the top of the bean stalk so of course i played along with it! so twice  week i would go to the bank and get a bag of coppers, soak them overnight in vinegar to make them shine and then in the morning i would put them out at the bottom of the beanstalk so she thought the giant had dropped the gold coins.

Tilly is asking about plants and flowers so i thought about the beanstalk and today i spent sometime with Tills in the garden planting seeds and hopefully (if i dont kill them) the plants will grow to do the same magical things that i did with bethy.

I suppose i best get shining those gold coins

planting sunflower seeds too so that she and her friend can see who grows the biggest sunflower. She also planted some cress because that only takes a few days to grow and i know Tildy has no patience lol

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