Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Life with a threenager!

So we all pat ourselves on the back when our toddler finally leaves the terrible two's behind and they turn 3 years old, we are so proud of our little ones and we actually breathe a sigh of relief and tell our friends (in fact we brag) that our children never went through the terrible twos! Thats because times are changing and now instead of the terrible twos, we have Threenagers! Yes they even invented a new word to describe our little cherubs that actually turn into Damian from the Omen overnight. Its the age where kids are asserting their independance and they are so strong willed that everything becomes a constant battle to you. Battling with a three year old who has more detemination than you can be mentally and physically exhausting. If it doesnt break you as a parent then you have the real teenage years to look forward to in a few years.

So to help you on your way here are a few signs to know you have entered the threenager period with your child, perhaps you can relate to some of them. If not then we would all love to hear your tips :)

  • Your child no longer talks at you anymore - its all about screaming at you (hormonal teenager comes to mind)
  • 'No' becomes a permanant answer to everything and is the answer to everything
  • They stomp their feet, throw themselves to the ground or storm off when ever you ask them to do something, even as simple as putting a coat on. They will claim they dont want to and they are not doing it
  • You will end up pulling your hair out or even often in tears, when the charming little child wont clean their teeth or get dressed (even worse is when you get them dressed and 5 minutes later they are naked again!)
  • Meals get ignored as there is too much going on on the Tv, they are to busy playing with their innotab or in some cases an Ipad
  • At the end of the day you think that you have conquered the world, climbed a mountain and been run over by a steam roller, but in reality you have only spent the day with a three year old!
  • When you go to the supermarket and you have to avoid the toy aisle incase your three year old kicks off big time, because they think money grows on trees and you have an endless amount. Then you have to contend with 'i want that cereal' and reply with 'No, your not having the chocolate cereal thats twice the price of another brand just because it has a princess on the front'
  • You dont know what to say when you hear your child say 'your not my best friend anymore!' or they say 'if you let me play with your new toy, i will like you but if you dont, then i wont like you'
  • When you fear having to do something easy, because you know your stubborn threenager will kick off at the thought of having to do something that they dont want to do. Even getting in the car might inconvenience them and cause a row
  • You find yourself giving in to a demand simply to avoid a public scene. "Sure, have the sweets. Just keep your voice down, please!"
  • you get kicked, bitten or hit by the devil child for asking them to do something they really dont want to do, like leave their friends house or go to bed
  • As much as you hate to admit it, your favorite part of the day is putting your little angel to bed at night. Ahh, yes, she looks so peaceful asleep. now you have chance to recharge your batteries before it all starts again tomorrow
Threenagers are not this bad forever and by the time they turn four, you will find them being more co-operative and understanding and you can look back and say to yourself 'i am a survivor of a threenager' and give yourself that well earned pat on the back

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