Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday Morning Blues

So here i am on a monday morning on my way to work (on the school bus). I dont really mind getting the school bus in the morning as the St Eddies kids still half asleep and actually quiet - its almost as if they are sedated. The sit in their seats looking like zombies.

So here i am myself looking like a Zombie after 3 hours sleep. Epic fail! because the 3 hour nap i took yesterday afternoon was such a bad idea! i woke up buzzing and that was me then awake most of the night. But then it gave me a chance to get some decorating done in Zachs room, ready to change it into a little playroom. It will be so nice to have somewhere to put the toys out of the way instead of having them spill out into the front room. We were plaqued with overcrowding for so long and now with two of my kids leaving home, my house feels so empty.

Photo: Tonsberg, over the lake!
Over the weekend i have spoken to zach a few times through the power of Facebook, he says he loves it over in Norway. He is a few miles away from Tonsberg (the oldest city in Norway) and his words were 'if beautiful, mum.' Tonsberg is a 20 minute train ride from Oslo Torp Airport, so he feels so close to me. When he first said he was going to norway, i looked at the distance between Oslo and Tonsberg and it was about 130km, i thought i wouldnt get chance to go and see him as it seemed so far away, but now i know that Oslo Torp isnt actually in Oslo, it feels so much closer and easier to get to. Going to visit will be no problem at all and i feel quite confident going there on my own with Tilly. I am off to put a holiday request form in today for the end of April/ start of may.

PhotoYesterday was mothers day and i did get spoilt, both kim and tilly got in bed with me and showered me with chocolates and gifts, then we went out to wetherspoons for a nice mothers day meal. It was actually a mystery shop that i had been asked to do, and luckily it was a lovely meal, so a good report went in there and it means we got the money back for our meals too :)

Last night i was telling myself that i didnt want to go back to work, but the more i thought about it, it was only because i enjoyed being a SAHM for a week and enjoyed doing things with Tilly. But i know if i became a SAHM permanantly it would get to me after a few weeks, so i was actually quite happy to get up at stupid oclock and put on my uniform, leave my sleeping baby in bed with kimmy and know once i get to work and start giggling with the girls and flirting with the customers, it will feel like i have never been away

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