Sunday, 30 March 2014

My first blogging event with

Today i was so lucky to be invited to the Girlfriends know each others flowers blogging event put on by the lovely people from, we travelled to a little pop up shop in Clerkwell Green.

I  had never been to a blogging event before so i was really unsure of what to expect, but as soon as i arrived and i was met by the Flower boys from the website and taken in to be welcomed by loads of friendly staff and handed a glass of wine.

we were then taken down to make a Cupcake with the lovely Sophie from The Cocoa box, from that moment i knew this was going to me my kind of afternoon :)

We enjoyed making the cupcakes and to see the finished effect made me realise i really should show this new skill off and make cakes for the next school cake sale! I learned something i had never been able to do before and if you click the blue links, you too can be able to make the perfect cupcakes.

After that we went to see how to make a Bouquet of flowers and again seeing how easy it really was to put Iris hydrangers, lilacs, and hyacinths. She also advised us to use lots of foliage and to make the bouquet fresh on the day of the wedding. She also gave us handy hints of where the best place is to buy the freshest and best quality flowers.
together, made me wonder why i have never done anything like this before. My nan was a big Flower arranger, but it sadly never rubbed off on any of the rest of the family. I went to the Event with my aunt and her daughter is getting married in november, so Vicky the florist was able to tell us the seasonal flowers for then and what we could do to make a bouquet. She was very helpful and my head is full of

We made a bouquet each and i must admit, the florist had made it seem so easy and i was all fingers and thumbs, but i got there in the end and i was very pleased with the end result.

We also got advice about flowers for our best friends and the meaning of flowers in friendship, you too can find out your girlfriends/ best friends favourite flower and try to win her a bouquet if you click the link to

After another glass of wine and the bouquet making, we were invited to go and have our Hair dressed with, they made it look so easy and it took a few minutes. I felt very pampered as i had my hair curled (something i just cant do myself) and the flowers added to the back. Not only did they look nice, but they smelled lovely too :) This is definatly something i am going to try in tillys hair for the summer :)
fresh flowers to demonstrate the way fresh flowers can make your hair look beautiful and lets face it, different! the flowers were attached with wire and held in place with hair pins. The lovely ladies from Hms Creative even showed us how to pop them in our hair.

We had an absolutely lovely afternoon and felt so pampered, who would of thought flowers could make you feel so good? So there is a psychological feel good feeling with the use of flowers, as i certainly felt fab!
The shop was lovely and everyone involved in putting the event on was lovely, i would definatly advise everyone to pop over to and take the quiz and read up about the flowers. Also click on the links to take you to individual posts about the day and learn how to make a rose cupcake or a bouquet of flowers. Thankyou so much to everyone involved in the day

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