Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Ten Guilty Pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures, sometimes we need time off from our lives and we need to be someone different than mummy, wife, colleague, girlfriend etc. So here are my guilty pleasures :)

  1. The bus ride to work, where i have one hour 10 minutes of complete peace and quiet.
  2. Costa Hot chocolate, Nothing Beats it
  3. Cadbury Chocolate, there is no other eating chocolate that comes close
  4. Facebook, lets face it - everyone like to keep up on the news in everyone's life and Facebook is where you have a little community that you can keep up on everyone's news
  5. Law and Order - i can never get enough of this programme ;)
  6. Holidays/days out. Even if i am short of cash i will try and find a day out somewhere as i find tilly will learn things better if she experiences different places
  7. My Mobile Phone, this is strapped to me all day everyday
  8. Nail Polish, i don't care if i have a colour similar to one that i want! if its not exactly the same, then i will buy it
  9. Flirting - sometimes without realising, i will flirt with a customer to get a sale (it has got me into trouble on a few occaisions, but i get the sales ) or if i am out i will flirt with people. 
  10. Perfume, I am lucky to work on a fragrance counter so i will admit i indulge in this pleasure everyday and i get to wear perfumes that i could never afford otherwise
What are your guilty pleasures? 

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