Tuesday, 4 March 2014

One More Sleep

To say my 3 year old is excited about going on Holiday to Disneyland Paris is an understatement! For the past 2 weeks she has been counting down the sleeps untill we go but although we keep telling her that its for her birthday, she hadn't quite grabbed the concept that its her birthday soon too - untill she saw a princess toy advertised on the Disney Channel and she decided she wanted it as it was her birthday soon.

I on the other hand keep panicking that i dont have enough gifts for her birthday! Kimmy keeps pointing out that she has a holiday for her birthday but its hard for a 3/4 year old to understand she has less presents because we spent £1200 taking her to Disney. So there was yet another visit to Smyths Toy shop, just to make sure she has a few more bits, and lets be honest, i dont really want to go over the top having to buy pressies at Disney! Tilly has her own money for spending there and she actually has more spending money for me.

It is our first holiday abroad with Tilly and she is pretty excited, she seems to understand that we are taking a train and it goes under the sea in a big tunnel, but boats go over the sea. So as we make our way to the hotel where we are staying tonight with one over excited little girl and we are hoping to spend the afternoon at the cinema watching the new Tinkerbell movie and we may or may not get some sleep tonight - we will see :)

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