Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ozeri 4x3 Motion Pedometer Review

I had been looking to get a pedometer for a while when Ozeri Approached me and asked me if i would be willing to review a Pedometer for them.

I was sent an Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology. To try out and give my honest opinion. When ever i receive a parcel, i am like an excited child at christmas and i have to get it out of the packet and try it straight away.

The Pedometer arrived Well packaged and i was pleased to see it was yellow, one of my favourite colours and meaning its easier to find in my bag. I opened the packet and found the Pedometer came with

  • A mini screwdriver
  • An instruction manual
  • A neck lanyard
I threaded the lanyard through the hole in one of the corners of the pedometer, the hole was very small and it was difficult to do, but we eventually got there. The Pedometer is very lightweight and the same size as a small MP3 player. It was very easy to set up and within minutes we had set the date and time, and we were good to go. I popped the pedometer in my pocket, and off i set to work. 

I walked to the bus stop and i got on the bus, i had forgotten about the pedometer in my pocket and i took my seat for a 45 minute bus ride. At the end i took the pedometer from my pocket and saw to my dismay that the pedometer had registered all the bumps that the bus had made and it said i had done 438 steps, whilst in reality i had been sat down at the time. So the next time i went on the bus, i removed the pedometer from my pocket and laid it on the top of my shopping bag, then it didnt register the bumps in the road. 

The pedometer itself has many features and here are a few
  • It records steps, distance, speed, calories and time, so its all you need to know in a small handy gadget
  • It has 3 Recording Modes: Today, Split & Total -- with a split screen display for multi-data views.
  • New 3D Tri-Axis Sensor (X, Y, Z plane detection) provides superior accuracy in any position.
  •  It counts up to 1 million steps with built-in memory for 30 days of activity. 
  • It also features a Clock, Calendar & Sports Timer and Auto Sleep Mode technology
  • It features a blue backlight for night viewing. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
I even had a bit of a mishap with the pedometer and i forgot it was in the pocket of my trousers, my trousers then went through the washing machine and got hung out to dry for the day, before i remembered it was in there - to my great surprise the pedometer still worked very well and it didnt even have any water in the pedometer, So this pedometer is durable and for me it was waterproof - well recommended if sometimes your a ditzy mother like me.

The Pedometer also measured the calories that you have burnt off whilst walking so is perfect if your Dieting and if your a night walker, then dont worry as i like the little blue backlight that comes on in the dark. It was very easy to set up and as it was so light weight, you really didnt even know you were wearing it!

It is available to buy through Amazon at the price of £21.93 (price of dated today. Prices may change without notice)

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