Thursday, 6 March 2014

#Superdrug Vitamin E shower moisturiser

Hitting the shelves of Superdrug soon is a new product designed to offer all day moisturisation for normal to dry skin. Vitamin E shower moisturiser is specially formulated with shea butter to provide your skin with all day softness and its enriched with Vitamin, which is a powerful anti oxidant that will help protect your skin from the free radicals that you encounter in your everyday life. This will then prevent premature aging to your skin.

It is a creamy formula and contains a skin conditioning complex of Vitam ins A, B, F, and H that are combined with horse chesnut extract, this will help to care for your dry skin and using it regularly will mean your skin should feel softer and more supple.

To use

Apply it straight after using your shower gel (shower gel can have a very drying effect on your skin, even more if your skin is dry in the first place). Concentrate on the really dry areas, rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry with a towel.

You can use this alongside any of the other Vitamin E products on sale in Superdrug, it goes perfectly with the Vitamin E All Over Body Cream

What i thought of it

Upon using this Vitamin E shower moisturiser, i found it to be a nice luxurious lotion to put on you skin and as it was quite thick, i actually had chance to rub it in before it washed away in the shower. I do suffer from very dry skin and in places, Psoriasis. This product definatly hydrated my skin and gave me some relief from the constant itching on my skin

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