Wednesday, 19 March 2014

That place i never thought i would be!

For the first time in about 20 years, i am actually at the bottom of my laundry pile. It is a bittersweet experience though as it shows me that my little family is growing up and moving out. It seems that the days of doing three loads of washing a day are gone and i have to admit i actually miss those days.

Bethany moved out about a month ago and Zach goes in just over a week, so my laundry will be even less! I almost feel like i miss having the laundry pile in my house, it had become like a decoration in the bathroom - in fact the laundry discarded on the bathroom floor was a regular occurance and today when i walk into my bathroom i find myself looking at the shiny floor that i didnt even know i had anymore. Having a floor clear of laundry actually feels like the bathroom has had a makeover, ACTUALLY i dont think its my bathroom at all :(

My life is moving on and my kids are going their own way and i hate it, i would trade it all in for piles of dirty
laundry again. Of all the years of being a mum i feel like i am losing my kids to the big bad world. I know they have to spread their wings and go their own way and for years i have yearned for time for just me and Tilly but we seem to have mastered the balancing act with us all working and the childcare and our life seems to be in such a good balance, but once zach goes my house will be quieter and there will be no waiting up to make sure he gets home safely from a night on the beer.

So next time you have to face your laundry pile and you moan that it is endless and you cant wait to see the bottom of it, remember this blog post and think how things would be without a full laundry basket in your home!

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