Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Week Review and Free Copy For Everyone

A couple of weeks ago i was asked by the nice people from The Week magazine to read and review a copy of their magazine.

My copy arrived in the post and i sat down to read it on the commute to work. It is a magazine covering all aspects of news from around the world. Some stories that i would not even of read in the normal newspaper too.

There are different sections within the magazine covering politics, The main stories and how they were covered in the news, European and worldwide news at a glance, health and science and sport. There was even a section on the best countryside properties in the UK to buy, and to my surprise there was a property in a little village that my friend lives in and i had often thought how much i would love to live there. (if only i had £700,000 to buy it)

There was even a section for my 20 year old son to read, it was all about gadgets and Kimmy who is 21 read it too. So its a magazine that was read in our household of all ages.

I actually found that it gave me other things to talk about, than the general news that we all hear on the TV or read in the tabloid papers. It is not a thick heavy magazine either and was easy to pop into my handbag, not heavy at all

There is a website and also a Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter You can follow them for daily news updates.

You too can also have a free copy of The Week magazine, by clicking the link below and filling in your details. There is one for everyone, so no worries about missing out :)

* The best of the British and international media
* Clear unbiased journalism presenting you with the facts you need
* Intelligent writing delivers you a concise and complete briefing in just one hour of your time
* Keeping on top of the news has never been so easy or enjoyable – in print or through our dynamic digital       formats
* Our Review of reviews brings you the most interesting and entertaining insights on the latest books, plays,      films, opera and exhibitions
* What are top food critics saying about British restaurants?
* Plus the most bizarre stories from the tabloids, a smattering of gossip and Talking Points

The Week Free Copy - click for your free copy

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