Friday, 14 March 2014

Tilly goes to Paris

As a break from out trip to Disneyland, Kim and i decided to take her to Paris to see the sights. She is such a fan of the Disney movie and story book of 'The Hunchback Of NotreDame'

We boarded out double decker Train, which absolutely excited Tilly and we sat upstairs on the top deck. 45 minutes later we were in the heart of Paris and on our way to NotreDame. She was so thrilled to be there and inside the cathedral there was alot of banging going on where they were restoring part of the roof. Tilly turned to me and asked ; is that the hunchback up there?' who was i to say no? so we said it was and he was hiding from everyone and getting ready to ring the bells, then as we left the cathedral and right on cue the bells rung and Tilly thinks Quosimodo rang them - i love her imagination

the view from the tower
Our next stop was the tallest building in Paris, the Montparnasse Tower, we went 56 floors up in 36 seconds - some scary stuff. Then we climbed the steps up to the 59th floor and we were 208 metres in the sky and my daughter chose this time to sunbathe on the roof! we were told to visit this as its 1/3 of the price of climbing the Eiffel Tower and and its Taller so you can see more of Paris from a good height, although it made me feel sick having tilly running around up there.

After this we went to the Eiffel Tower, We didnt go up it, but Tilly had been excited about seeing it so we went to show her how tall it was.  Before heading to the the Arc De Triomphe and down the Champs Elysee to get some shopping in (even if it was only window shopping)

Then as the evening approached us we wearily climbed back on the double decker train and we sat downstairs, when we looked out the window we could see everyones feet! this was quite funny to Tilly  soon we were on our way back to Disneyland and to our hotel

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