Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tired little beings

We all wait in anticipation for our little ones to finish school, we all want to hear what they spent the day doing, what they painted, what they did, did they eat their lunch?

But as excited as we are to collect the precious little beings, they come out often in the foulest of moods, where they are so tired. I collect Tilly (or one of her siblings does) at 4.15 and she wants to go to her friends house or have her friend come to her house. They start to play so nicely, they are friends and then before we know it, they argue, they fight and they both end up in tears. After school kids become the children from hell!

What on earth happens to our lovely little children at school, they go from charming sweet little 4 year olds to wailing, hysterical children! We have waited all day or all afternoon for our beautiful little ones to come home and it turns into a race to grab something quick to eat, make sure they dont fall asleep whilst your cooking the meal, you become manic and loud, to try and keep your child awake whilst your not in the same room as her - as you just know that as soon as you leave a room, the said child closes her eyes and goes to sleep with out dinner. As well as an express food maker, you become referee for the arguements, you become a nurse as they become more tired and fall over, you do your mummy bit by having to cuddle them and dry away the tears whilst cooking their dinner. The endless moans of when is my dinner cooked, makes you wish you had a wand to instantly cook a meal. As soon as it is cooked they are in tears because its too hot to eat, and they have to wait for it to cool down and my child has no patience at all!

So dinner finally gets eaten and if they havent fallen asleep in their dinner, you have to clean the sobbing child, get their pyjamas on, and carry them up to bed, whilst they are screaming that they are not tired! When you know they are.

So as i write this post at 6pm, i have a sleeping child at my feet, next to a half eaten plate of cheese on toast (tonights quick meal) with a paint brush in her hand and Tom and Jerry are playing on the TV. She hasnt even been home for 2 hours and thats the most stressful 2 hours of my day out of the way. I will carry her up to bed, put pyjamas on her as she sleeps and sit down with a can of pepsi max and a bar of chocolate and breathe a sigh of relief as i know she is asleep now untill she climbs in my bed in the stupid hours of the morning.

BUT i wouldnt change being a mummy for anything!

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