Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Train Prices and the Great Rip Off,

Train prices seem to be on the constant rise yet the service, never ever seems to improve! I am on my way to Hampshire today to see some family that i haven't seen since Christmas and also to go with Zach before he jets off to live in Norway at the weekend. I looked at the train prices and they are getting so expensive now, i wouldn't really mind paying the price if i was guaranteed a seat on the train.

The train from the Kent coast to London is a slow drawn out process and takes around 2 hours to get to London (up to 4 hours on a sunday that they are working on the line and its bus replacement service!) It goes along the coast to ashford then stops at all the stops untill Tonbridge. The trains are often dirty and cramped, if you get up from your seat, someone sits in it! one time kim got up to move the buggy for me as the train came into a station and 4 people went to sit in her set, i had to step in and tell them that she was just moving the buggy. but what other option do i have to travel to London? There is of course the High Speed service that is cleaner, faster and also more expensive and if we are travelling further afield, then we do use the high speed as its covered in our ticket price.

Once we get to London we have to contend with SWT (southwest trains) who seem to be the most expensive train company in england. It is a busy commuter line with many people travelling up from Hampshire, Surrey and often even further to get to work in London, so you would think that there would be trains with enough carriages to carry these commuters that quite often pay alot of money to get to work and back - but oh no, i have been on the train in the rush hour and had to stand with my children for a full half hour trip to Farnborough. And how much do #SWT charge for this privilege of standing for half an hour? around £25 for a day return (depending on the type of ticket you buy) I wish i could earn £25 for half an hours work like they do! Unfortunatly it makes it difficult for normal people to enjoy a day out as it is getting less and less affordable.

It does astound me that train companies can charge so much for a half hour train journey, when in fact if your a savvy shopper or you know where to look, you can travel from kent to scotland for less than that and still have money for a cup of tea on the train. Soon train companies will price themselves out of competition and people will end up taking one of the growing number of coach services offered as an alternative.

So despite my grumbling, i am now ready to pack an overnight bag and get on the slow train to london, meaning i am in a confined space with a 4 year old for 2 hours and hopefully i will be surrounded by patient people who like to hear the same nursery rhyme sung about 100 times over and over again. Or the innotab playing the same Thomas The Tank engine song repetitively.

See you later guys and wish me luck  :)

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