Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Weekend Box Club Review

Tilly and I were very excited to receive a Weekend Box from www.weekendboxclub.com . it arrived in the post on a thursday, ready for us to open on Friday afternoon after school. I like the idea of having crafts and ideas ready sorted out for us to open the box and go. Tilly even told her friend Gracie about the box and she came round to do it with Tilly too. The box is aimed at children between 4-6 and costs £7.50 including free delivery.

The box was the idea of Andy who tells us 'I decided to set up Weekend Box after getting frustrated when I was buying gifts for my niece and nephew who are 5: I wanted to buy something educational yet fun, something that stimulated creativity and not something plasticky made in a factory in China; I couldn't find anything so I quit my job and started developing!'

We opened the box and found Four different activities to do
Something to cook - Geen pancakes
Something to Make - Pot of Gold
Something to Explore - Sound/noise
Something Green - Make a bird

Firstly Tilly and Grace wanted to make the Green package and as we opened it, we saw everything we needed was included in the packet. even the card for cutting out to make the shape of the bird.

Tilly also made the Pot O Gold, it was a game where you bend colourful pipe cleaners to make a rainbow and then you throw gold coins, trying to get them into the cup. We did this on St Patricks day and i tied it in
with the celebrations so she learned a bit about St Patrick too. There were plenty of giggles coming from Tilly, so I think a simple game but many hours of fun.

What We thought

Tilly and Grace both loved the box and the ideas of the things to mke, you can take an idea of one of the crafts and add so much more to it, so you can take a Pot O Gold and talk about rainbows, money, counting, colours, Ireland, How rainbows are made with the weather ..... the list in endless and there are many educational ideas to lead on from one of the subjects in the box. Of course getting messy is always a good choice, so the painting, sticking and cutting went down very well! i would recommend this to everyone and if you go to www.weekendboxclub.com and quote VICKY131 You will be entitled to a free box worth £7.50 when you start a subscription with Weekend Box Club. You will just need to say where the quote came from and write the blog name in the space, its as simple as that. The box is very good value when you think you can get a couple of weekends worth of activites out of one box. It would come up very handy for the easter holidays coming up too, whenever the kids get bored, just get the box out and choose an activity.

The Weekend Box is enviromentally friendly with the box being 100% reusable or recyclable and the activity cards are made from FSC- approved forests, meaning everytime a tree is chopped down, one or more is planted in its place. Its great to find such an enviromentally friendly company as its so important to many parents these days, when they look for item for their children.

Each craft or project comes with very easy to follow instructions. When the box is completed you get stickers and certificates for your child, meaning they are rewarded for the brilliant work they have created
The weekend Box was a good hit in our house :)

you can find The weekend Box club on Facebook where you can get up to date news and on Twitter, so like and share and then you and your friends will never miss any news and updates from Andy and his gang.

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