Thursday, 20 March 2014

What was i thinking when i first wrote my blog?

I was thinking about writing a blog for quite a while and now here i am one year after i first wrote my blog (well one year and 2 weeks, but i have been super busy lately), i now have over 600 regular followers and over 21,000 page views over the year - who would think a persons life would be so interesting to other people?

I started my blog because i found it the right time to start putting my life together and i wanted everyone to see how i was getting my life together again. I suppose i thought it would be an online Diary, something for us all to look back on in years to come - my life in the computer!

I wanted tilly to be  able to look back at our life and read what we did on a daily or weekly basis

Also i had planned an extremely expensive and big birthday party and i wanted the world to know about it, i guess i thought this was the way to do it.

Sometimes i do write things and i wonder if i really should of shared things online or if maybe i give too much detail away and hang my dirty laundry in public, but then i think that its part of me and who i am so if people dont like it then they dont have to read my blog.

I do hope that everyone enjoys reading my blog and here is to another year ahead of blogging :)

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