Thursday, 17 April 2014

A day out with Tilly

I live in a small town, and i must say that like most small towns, it can be boring, it can be full of small minded people and someone is usually the talk of the town. But thats to be expected wherever you live,  it is the best place to bring up kids and i live on the seafront, meaning in the summer its amazing, yet a few minutes down the road and its countryside - this is kent for you :)

Working out of town means that i am hardly ever able to get into town and catch up with friends of mine. Nipping to sainsburys seems to be a thing of the past and i have almost forgotten what the inside of the shops look like. But today  had a day off, that i was able to spend with tilly. I was going to take her to london as she keeps asking if we can go there, but i decided i needed to catch up with a friend and her twins.

So off we went early this morning, Tilly on her scooter. We took the bus across town and went to see sarah and her babies, after that we walked along the seafront. Bought a picnic and ate it on the bench in the town whilst watching the world go by, Went for an icecream. We bought a bug kit, for tilly to look for bugs, went to the penny arcades and rode the rides before she wanted to pop into nursery to see her teachers as she hadnt seen them for two weeks. We made the most of our 5 hours out in town and respected the things we have in our little town, we did the simple things that hardly cost a penny and created some good memories. I actually had time to enjoy my town!

And i was ever so impressed with the fact that tilda rode her scooter the whole way!




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