Saturday, 26 April 2014

B. Lipglosses

B. Glossy

B. Glossy will give you an instantly brightened look to your lips, like all lipglosses it gives a fab high shine, yet with a non sticky formula. I am  not a lover of lip gloss as  i find them sticky to wear and in the wind, my hair gets stuck to my lips. But i was impressed that this wasnt too sticky at all. You can wear it alone or over a lipstick, so you can add a gloss shine to your longer lasting lipstick.

It comes in these shades
Floss 127
Champagne 121
Smoky pink 188
Sugared Mice 091
Schnapps 070
Blossom 114
Ruby 089
Cassis 024


B. Brilliant Lip gloss is a rich colour lip gloss that will give you the coverage of a lipstick, but also the shine of a lip gloss. This is also a non sticky formula and can be applied alone or as a coat over a lipstick

It comes in these shades

Belle 062
Hibiscus 095
Jellybean 111
Raspberry Coulis 035
Berry Crush 165
Boardeaux 080

Both lipglosses follow the Superdrug Ethos of not testing on animals and carry the leaping bunny symbol.

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