Wednesday, 9 April 2014

B. Vibrant lip and cheek colour

The product 

B. Vibrant Lip and Cheek Colour from Superdrug is a great mullti tasking addition to your make up bag.
You can use it on your lips as well as your cheeks, so no need for a separate blusher too.The formulation is rich and creamy and has been designed to last all day, leaving the vibrant colour firmly in place.

  • It is wonderfully pigmented with a rich, creamy and glossy texture. They glide onto the lips effortlessly and feel very moisturising on.
  • It long lasting and leave a beautiful stain behind once that first layer of gloss has disappeared.
  • It doesnt have smell to it, so it isnt over powering like some lip products can be
  • They can be used on lips (as shown below) and on the cheeks as a cream style blush. When you apply it to you lips, i would draw it on in a circle and then fill it in (like a large spot). Then blend it in with a brush or sponge. Another way is to pop some onto your finger tips and then dot it onto your cheeks before blending it in again with the brush or sponge
  • Not tested on animals, and carries the leaping bunny symbol
What did i think of this product?

Its easy to  put on and is quite accurate to apply to
the lips because the tip of the pencil is thinner than an average lipstick. The product itself was moisturising, but it didn't last as long as i thought it would do, but then i have never found a lipstick that genuinely lasts as long as it should. It does moisturise and i didn't feel like my lips were drying out like they can do with some lip products

Where can i buy it?

This product is exclusive to Superdrug and can be bought by clicking on the link, at the moment the B. range is all half price. If your local to Folkestone, then pop in to the local Store and speak to Deb, the cosmetics Sales assistant and she will give you all the know how you need and she can help you find the right colour.

*All prices are correct as of today but will change and could change anytime

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