Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Back to school

So thats it! Easter 2014 over and done with for the year, a bank holiday out of the  way, and another one to look forward to in a couple of weeks.

Whilst everyone seems to be happy to send their kids back to school, i am here worrying about the cost of nursery bills and booking after school clubs and breakfast clubs! being a parent is such a juggling act and i am counting down the days untill Tilly is at Big school and i no longer have the £84 a week for nursery fee's.

We have had a very busy weekend, On saturday we had a breakfast date with a friend and then we went to see the new lambs, and some were as young as a day old - it was too cute! Tilly even had chance to cuddle the lambs. We went on a round trip to france on easter sunday, We went with some friends and their dad works on the ferry, so we had an easter egg hunt on there. And it gave me chance to change up some money into Norwegian Krona for my little trip to Norway.

Easter Monday i needed to stay at home and do nothing, afterall the whole idea of a weekend is to sit and relax after working all week - isnt it? So we cooked some meat, Had a few drinkies, and sat playing board games all afternoon - sometimes its so nice to do this and spend time with your family and friends. Phones and gadgets were banned from the table and it was lovely to sit and relax for the afternoon in the sun. Sometimes when your so busy, you forget the simplicities in life.

So here i am this morning having  battle trying to get matilda to school! her with her matter of factly voice telling me she is NOT going to school! So we embark on a battle of the wills and i become almost child like when i argue back with her! 'you will be going to school', i can shout louder but i dont have the whole 'throwing yourself on the ground' down to a tee like she does.

This morning we have already had a battle with each other over the roller skates that Tilly got from the car boot sale yesterday! Yes Tills, i know they are new and you want to wear them, but you cant wear them when you have to run to the bus stop because we are late, you cant wear them on the bus and i am not taking you through town, on a busy morning whilst your wearing roller skates. Then after i dressed Tilly ( a battle in itself) she then undressed herself and put on a princess dress - this fight i will let her win! She has eaten her sandwiches made for lunch already! Why does food always taste better for her when its eaten from the lunch box? wierdo!

So now Tilly has left for school and i write this post whilst breathing a sigh of relief, and relaxing a bit before i have to get ready for work ....... now where are those roller skates ;)

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