Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Buying Perfume

I love my perfumes, I love working on a fragrance counter and i love being able to try different perfumes all the time. Fragrance is a fun, feel good and luxourious product to buy, and everyone buys it. Fragrance can also help reduce anxiety if you suffer from it, as you feel confident when your wearing it. It improves social freindships and often draws attention to you. But what strength of perfume do you buy?

Parfum is the strongest of all fragrances, it is simply called ‘perfume’ and the concentrate is between 18 - 40 %. it normally consists of pure fragrance, blended oils and alcohol. Pafum is the most expensive way to buy a fragrance but it is also the longest lasting fragrance as you will only need to use a tiny bit. Dab it springly onto the skin as it doesnt come in a spray bottle. when you apply it, pop it onto you pulse points and where ever you like to be kissed. It will last all day

Eau De Parfum is the next strongest fragrance with a concentrate of 10-20% of pure fragrance. It comes in a spray bottle and is designed to give an enduring scent, but at a more affordable price, compared to Parfum. Reapply this twice in the the day as it drys quicker and the scent fades.

Eau De Toilette is the most affordable of the scents, the fragrance content can be up to 14% but quite often you only get between 4-8% concentrate, making it much weaker- meaning it wont last as long. It contains fewer essential oils and more water. You will always find this in a spray bottle. You will need to re apply this every 2-4 hours, as the scent fades.

Eau Fraiche
is a fragrance ‘mist’ it has a very little concentrate of fragrance, often about 3%. This is very popular in the summer months as the scent isnt as strong, and not too over powering. This is ideal to take on your holiday. Just keep re applying this in the summer months.

When buying a fragrance, here are some handy tips for you,

Always ask how much the biggest bottle is, quite often it is on a special offer and you can find it works out alot cheaper. Even if it isnt on special offer, you will still find it works out cheaper than a smaller bottle if you compare mls to mls

  • Never buy a fragrance after the first spray, leave the scent to die down first, as that it when you will get the true scent. this normally takes 20 minutes and wont be as strong as the first spray. 
  • Always ask if its available in a gift set, ths way you often get a free shower gel or body lotion, and these often cost between £12 - £18 on their own. 
  • Never assume you will get the same size bottle as the tester - Tester bottles are always sent in as standard 110 Ml bottles and you wont get that size in the 30Ml bottle you want to buy. 
  • only try 3 -4 fragrances at one time, otherwise you end up with ‘nose fatigue’ and the smells will start to merge, meaning you cant tell the difference between the scents. 
  • Always ask if the fragrance comes with a free gift - after all, you never know untill you ask.

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