Thursday, 24 April 2014

Do you let your children play out for hours on end?

Recently i saw a comment on a Facebook post that Really made me question some peoples thinking! The person commented that children these days do not need groups these days, or parks or clubs and that as a child he played on the common, never vandalised things went to play in fields and on the beach. He then went on to say that children need a loving family and parental guidance and that groups, parks and clubs will never make up for bad parents!

So i see it as he is saying, if your kids don't go and make their own amusement and run around in fields, then your a bad parent!


Times have changed since this 40 something grandad was a child and we live in a gadget age, where children have gadgets and quite sadly they often do forget to make their own fun, but this is not down to bad parenting!  Children these days have xboxes, mobile phones, internet ps3 etc and this is the way they often to choose to spend their spare times with their friends. Does this make you a bad parent? no!

Many parents work these days due to the rising cost of trying to survive in this day and age, so they dont always have time to go out and do things with their children and in fact i recently did a blog post where i said i felt jealous of some parents being able to do things with their children in the holidays whilst i work. When your a parent your time is precious with the children, but you cant always do things that will make the general public of the world happy. You need to do what you know is the right thing for your children. Does this make you a bad parent? no!

Do you let your children go out after breakfast and come back at tea time? No, i didn't think so. We don't live in the world of Enid Blyton anymore, we cant send our children out to play with a picnic as you never know the dangers that are out there. April jones was abducted from outside her own home, Sarah Payne disappeared from a field near her grandparents home, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman both disappeared together on a walk back from a sweet shop. These are all incidents that touched my own children as they were growing up, each parent thought their child was safe whilst out on playing - each of these children were with other people at the time of their abduction, so even being in numbers isn't safe. So you don't let your children go and play in fields and walk to the shop on their own? Does this make you a bad parent? No. It simply isn't safe to send your children out to play. We were 80's kids, we were told to go out and play all day. Yes there was still danger when we were a child but now with more widespread media attention and the internet, parents are more aware of the dangers of letting your child play out on their own. Every parent is scared when their child wants to play out and go somewhere that they can't see them. To me this is responsible parenting! (i am not in anyway saying that the above parents were irresponsible for letting their children go out, because they all thought their children were safe)

With the internet so readily available we do scare ourselves silly with the things we read, heck we can look up so much that we often scare ourselves too much. How often has your child had a headaches and you have googled the symptoms to convince yourself that your child has a brain tumour - maybe we rely on it too much! But i would rather my child was safe and close to home, i know i am not a bad parent for doing that, and neither are you lot! one ignorant man who appears to still be living his childhood can make a throwaway comment and make parents worry about their parenting. What a dick!

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