Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Craft #7

We popped To messy church last sunday and Tilly made some crafts there for Easter, they were such easy ideas for look so cute for easter and Tilly is so proud of her work. Here is one idea

Easter Garden

What you need

Plastic tub like an ice cream tub
Moss from a garden
stones or pebbles
small twigs from a tree
A small cross made out of two twigs or pre -made one from the shop

How to make it

  • fill the tub with soil
  • Place the moss on the top of the soil, this creates a grassed look for your garden. You could do it with planting grass seeds but it would take longer to do
  • Add some twigs at the back to look like trees
  • Pop the cross in between the "tree's"
  • scatter some stones on the moss or fill gaps in the moss with the stones

Putting the moss on the soil

Adding the tree's and stones

Add a cross

The finished result

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