Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hair pieces made from fresh flowers

On Saturday i met two lovely ladies at the www.funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk Blogging event and they were there to show us how to use fresh flowers as accesories in your hair. I must admin that having a pre school child, i only ever seem to have time to run a brush through my hair 5 seconds before we run out the door, or i just grab a butterfly clip and get it out of my face.

But today i wanted a bit of pampering so i was up for having my hair done. Anna and Hayleigh from www.hmscreative.co.uk sat us down in front of the mirror and did their magic.

I had my hair curled all over and then had some taken back so it was half up and half down, then i had white flowers put in it, as my hair is so dark, we thought thi would give a better contrast.

Anna took a flower and twisted wire around it, this was to support the stem slightly and also to loop it so that it could then be pinned to my head to offer security. These flowers were then placed in my hair, and soon a pattern formed. At the end i was thrilled with the result and i felt not only beautiful but naturally beautiful as the effect was all made of real flowers.

I had taken my aunt to the event, and she took her seat and Haleigh started to do her hair, first she curled it and started to add small white flowers. Again as you can see from the photo below, wire was added to the flower stem to give it strength and also to add a loop for the pins to go through

when the flowers were finished and the design was complete, Anna then took some of the hair and placed it sideways over the flower stems and pins to hide it all. this gave a lovely finished effect

Hairstyles like this can cost a few pence to put together if you get cheap flowers or if you have them in your garden.

HMS Creative can be found online, on Facebook and on Twitter .

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