Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Happy birthday Superdrug

50 years ago a new drugstore opened in Putney High Street. This store grew in the chain of stores that Superdrug has become today. To celebrate 50 years of superdrug you will find limited edition items all over the store, many are 60s themed and i sense a month of funky items. look out for the exciting in store activities.

Superdrug Lash 60s style intense volume false eyelashes will re-create the iconic Mod make up look of the 60's. use these to add a touch of drama to your eyes

Limited Edition 50th birthday packaging is appearing on My little Star fragrance free baby wipes too. I am most excited about these as i use them at home and i cant wait to restock with the limited edition pink packaging, they will look so cool in my bag.
You dont have a baby? Well my baby is actually 4 years old and i still use them to was her grubby hands and face, when i am in a rush or if we are out. I also use them to freshen up myself if we are on a long day out.  I have even been known to use them around the house for cleaning. they are fab and get loads of dirt off things, and then they simply get thrown in the bin!

Cacherel Amor Amor in a Flash This exclusive fragrance was created especially for Superdrug to celebrate the 50th birthday. Amor Amor in a flash is the fragrance of love at first sight with the emotion of falling in love in a flash, where time will stand still for you. The fragrance is a fruity oriental smell with red apple, jasmine and white caramel. presented in an irresistible and unmistakable pink box to fit in with the 50th birthday theme. pop in and try it now.

Pop into your local store and also find many pink free gifts with purchases and 50% off many Superdrug products.

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