Friday, 4 April 2014

Holiday to Norway

So i actually did it ........ i booked a flight for me and Tilly to go to Norway to see Zach! The flight leaves Stansted and arrives at Oslo Torp, which is a 20 minute train ride away from the nearest town to Zachs Golf club. So i keep telling myself that its easy to do - but how do i really feel taking my 4 yr old to  a country i have never been to and i cant speak the language? well i am scared, excited, proud and happy.

We booked with Ryanair, but we haven't bothered with paying for suitcases as i am sure we can fit it all in the hand luggage, and why would i pay to take a suitcase when it costs more than the flight. Did i want to pre-book our seats so we are guaranteed to sit next to each other? ...... no thankyou, i am pretty sure the Ryanair staff will have to place me in a seat next to my four year old child with out having to pay the extra £10 each person for each way. If they decide we cant sit together then i will just sit back and enjoy the flight whilst some poor soul has to sit next to Tilda, who doesnt stop talking, is a wriggly bum and has never flown before. She will get up for the toilet every 10 minutes and have to climb over people to get out and then be asking them for sweets and drinks. I however will be chilling out further down the plane!

Did i want to take sports equipment with me? ...... What? £100 to take zachs golf clubs out? i dont think so. Insurance? ... no thanks we will shop around and get a good deal. Sometimes if you add all the other extras, a budget airline isnt so budget after all!

Once we get there we are booked into a youth hostel (yes i have seen Hostel, the killer movie too), but it looks lovely and its so expensive but it was still the cheapest place to stay. I have booked a single room to save money and the man on the end of the phone said they have more than one bed in them anyway.

My only problem when i get to Norway is somehow trying to convince Tilly that we wont see Princess Elsa from Frozen, even though the film is set in Norway, and she knows it.

Time for me to get and learn some Norwegian

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