Monday, 7 April 2014

Home Made Sausages

On friday the local butcher gave me some sausage meat, so i came up with the idea of using some cookie cutters and letting Tilly make her own sausages. This idea kind of morphed into an idea of making them with her friend and having dinner with the family. There was more than enough Sausage meat anyway

Firstly we put a plastic table cloth down as we were using uncooked meat and we found it easier to throw the table cloth away after to get rid of the uncooked meat. Then we popped some flour onto the table as the meat was very moist and sticky, it wasnt going to mould into any shape as it was. then we rolled it out, placing the cutters in place. They didnt cut as well as cookie doe would but we still got the idea of the shape. It was fun and the kids enjoyed doing it, they were so proud of what they did and they created some different shapes. We popped them in the oven and cooked them untill they were done. The kids loved it and the fact they had mickey mouse shaped sausages was a bonus to them.

Rolling the sausage meat out onto the plastic table cloth

The finished shapes they had chosen to do, they got a bit bored by the end, so made sausage shapes too

The finished results

Plese make sure your child washes their hands thoroughly with soap afterwards as they are using uncooked meat. Also your child may be tempted to eat the meat as they go along, so please watch they dont and try to stop them from putting their hands near their face.

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