Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How safe are our kids at school?

After the recent events at a Leeds school, leading to the sad death of a teacher at the hands of a 15 year old students, it makes me question How safe are our kids in school?

You send your child to school thinking they are safe, and that you will see them at the end of the day, but sadly on occasion, your child isn't safe in a place that they should be. You and your child have a right to expect that school is a safe haven to be but with recent news articles like Leeds Teacher stabbed in school and paedophile teacher, william vahey, you do have to wonder about all aspects of safety.

Many years ago, just as kim was about to start school and the Dunblane massacre of 1996 took place, where Thomas Hamilton entered a school and killed pupils and a teacher. The moment i heard the news, i went to nursery and i grabbed Kimmy and gave her the biggest hug ever. Now as we prepare for Tilly to go to school, i now worry about her safety after she leaves me and goes into those school gates.

I could be leaving my child with someone i don't personally know for 6 hours (at least) of their day, and yet if that person walked up to me in the street and offered to look after my child, i would refuse. Society tells us we must trust our schools and children but how can we trust what they say? Do we let our barriers down, knowing that teachers are the safest people to leave our children with? i am sure the parents of the Southbank International School thought their children were safe with a teacher, only to find out he Sexually abused 60 pupils. Sadly Things like this scare parents to the extent that sometimes there is always the suspicious parent or 6.

On the safety aspect of someone entering the school, We are lucky to have a very secure school that tilly will be going to. You have to use an intercom to enter the premises and there is high metal fencing surrounding the school, like a prison you may think - but better that that someone entering the school through an open gate. The reception teacher has also been there since my older children were at school, so there is some familiarity for me.

Life is so full of worries and everyday of our lives we worry about our children after all, they are the most precious things in our lives. Nobody looks after our children better than we do anyway.

My thoughts are with the family and friends of Mrs Ann Mcguire of Corpus Christi School. After a recent investigation by Sky News it was found that 1000 students last year were found with weapons in school, as shocking figure. Still more needs to be done to protect students and teachers alike, hopefully in the light of recent news events, something will be done.

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