Friday, 11 April 2014

Making an Easter Tree

When i was growing up in Germany, easter was always a big celebration and I always remember the fab easter decorations that we always had in our house. One thing that we always had was an Easter tree. It was simply just some twigs from a tree and it was decorated with plastic bauble type easter eggs.

when we went to Messy church last sunday, Tills made an easter tree :) it took me right back to my childhood.

Making an easter tree is so simple and your child can make it themself, All you need is to take your twigs and tie them at the bottom with some cotton, so they are secure. Then get some easter printed pictures like these printables, or you can design your own ones. Then get your little one to colour them them in as they want to.

Then cellotape some wool or string to the back of the picture. Add the pictures to the tree, where ever you want them to go and place it as a decoration. Its as simple as that! simple yet effective

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