Saturday, 5 April 2014

One Word Linky


I am linking up with The reading Residence for a linky blog on word of the week. This week the word is stationary. 

I do rely on stationary alot as i have a mild form of bipolar and i get the most wild of ideas that i have to write down straight away or i forget them. Some of them are wild! Sometimes i get a blog post idea on the commute to work and i can write a whole blog post on the bus, The times i wish i had my computer at all times, but i don't so i carry around my 'ideas book'. My ideas book is a little red book where i write my blog posts, words that i think i can work a blog around. I also use it to write about products in when i am at work and something catches my eye.

If i dont have my 'ideas book' i actually panic as i fear i might lose my good (if sometimes a bit manic) ideas, so i will write notes on any scrap of stationary i can find! 

So if i see you and i ask for a scrap of paper, just give me one as you never know what idea is going through my head :)

The Reading Residence

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