Thursday, 10 April 2014

Part Time Mummy

Being a parent is hard for anyone, but being a working parent is really hard. I must admit i have felt a pang of jealousy this week when all of my friends were writing on facebook about enjoying the week off with their children. Because The nursery isnt funded during the holidays, i cant afford to pay the £42 a day for her care, so poor Tilda has been looked after by her sisters and at 4 years old she is a handful!

I really should of planned my week off better, but i had to choose, whether to have some time off over the easter holiday or time of with my boy before he went to Norway. I chose the latter.

So here I am, feeling like a let down as a mum this week. Feeling like my daughter hasnt had a mum for a couple of weeks, due to me working 5 days a week as opposed to  the 4 days i normally work. MAN! i feel guilty!

So on saturday with some extra wages in my pay packet we are going to go and spend some time 'guilt shopping', tilly has been asking for a pet for quite a while and while we have been de-cluttering over the past few weeks, we found an old fish tank. So we have added some water, popped in the filter and we are leaving the water to settle for 2 days before we go and buy her some goldfish. We nipped into the pet shop today to go and look at what she might like to choose. I feel though that i will be the one, looking after the pet!

Tilly however this week has found her own pet too. She has adopted a ladybug! she stayed with her sister overnight and came home with box full of grass and if you look close enough, you can find a ladybug in there! she keeps taking it out and letting it crawl over her hand and arm, even though i keep telling her that it will fly away. She is loving being a mum to her ladybug and is even showing her friends too. I have been looking for a 'bug kit' so she can put it in a proper pot, but i cant get one anywhere!

But in the long run, i know i am working to buy nice stuff for us, but i am envious of parents that stay home with their children and parents that manage to get the holidays off with their children. Would i become a SAHM? Nope i do actually love my job too much he he xx

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